Flow to join signal group royalq superstarz team

In this page, I will show you step by step how to join signal group.

  1. You need to register through this link.

    It is very important to register through the link provided, so that i can be your councelor.
    If you’d registered under others network, you won’t eligible to join the signal group.

  2. Once registered, you need to activate the RoyalQ APP. Royalq App is not free to use, unless you pay annual fee , only then you can use all features provided by RoyalQ. 

  3. PM me through whatsapp, then  I will teach how to use signal provided prior to join the group. I will give you a link to join the group. Admin will validate with me before he approves you to join the group.

  4. Signal will be given 2-3 times per day.

Table of Contents

Royal Q Registration

RoyalQ registration and Download the app

  • Click link here to register or click link below:
  • Once signed up completed, then you need to download app from Google Playstore or Apple Store
    – Playstore (RoyalQ APP)
    – Apple Store (RoyalQ APP
    Once installed, you can login the app.

RoyalQ app activation

  1. First, you need to sign up Binance/ Huobi/Bybit exchanger because later you need to deposit USDT or buy USDT
    -Signup Binance here (Binance)
  2. Buy USDT via P2P, watch the video below

You need to activate the app in order to use the app. Wath the video

Binding RoyalQ with Binance

Once activated, you need to bind RoyalQ with your exchange using API provided by RoyalQ. API (Application Programming Interface) to some extent allow the third party app/bot remotely control the trade. Watch the video below:

Joining the signal group

Once the registration completed, and your Royalq has be bound with Binance, now you are allowed to join the signal group. Admin will approve your request to join the group. Whatsapp me here for assistance.

There are 2 groups.

  1. Signal Alert Announcement
  2. Signal Group
Signal Alert

Signal alert announcement will be sent first before posting to signal group

Signal soon will be posted to signal group. You should use the given signal immediately. How to use signal? watch the video below.

Celebrate your succesfully delivered signal

Signal will be posted 2-3/ day. You can choose freely which pair you want to trade.
Minimum amount suggested 15 USDT for each pair traded.


How much capital needed to start the trade?

You should have a minimum 15USDT in order to start the trade. However, no limit for the maximum amount. Your profit strongly depends on your capital.

How many profits will be earned each month?

We do not promise any fix profit because it is clearly depends on your initial capital. Moreover, the take profit percentage at anytime would be varied (2.5%-4% roughly)-depending on technical team decision

How come we can earn 106,000USD with only 15USDT capital?

We use power of compounding. 3% take profit for each signal, and we trade for 300 times with accumulated profit would yield 106,000 USD within a year and half.

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