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If you search Royal Q review, you are in the right place. Continue reading.

In today worlds, there are many opportunities to make money online for living. But be sure you need to study first about the opportunity offered, because so many people got scammed because of ignorant. This is my sincere advice to those who are seeking great opportunity, luckily now you are in the right place. 


Continue reading because we will expose how to make money money online even though you do not have any experiences.


With Royal Q. we make you ease to earn income, even though you are not a trader, and also you have zero experiences about cryptocurrency. Seem so good to be true? 

With RoyalQ, you don’t need experience, the only thing you should know is how to activate the app. 95% robot doing for you, and only 5% requires action from you.

What Royalq all about?

RoyalQ is a super intelligent application that executes automatic intelligent trading in real time monitoring and tracking a big data algorithm while adjusting real-time market conditions and 24/7 real-time monitoring, thus continues income is guaranteed even though while you are sleeping.

Does RoyalQ legit or Scam?

Strictly speaking, royalq is legit and save. Why? Because RoyalQ is only an app that help you to trade on behalf of you using API provided by Huobi or Binance. You won’t put asset on RoyalQ instead in Binance or Huobi. By using this app, RoyalQ is allowed to read and do trading for yourself. Robot unable to make withdrawal. The app also available in Google Playstore and Apple store which are popular and secure app store.

Why so good RoyalQ  compared to others investment scheme offered outhere? 
If you are managing your own fund in that investment then you doing right.

Because in todays world, people are eagerly to take crypto from you.

In RoyalQ, your capital is managed and accessible by you, and only YOU. Fund security and quantitative transaction secured.

Fund Security of Quantitative Transaction

API is authorized to bind with Huobi or Binance exchange (only reading and trading permission allowed). Users trading funds and profits  are in their own account, safe and checkable and the bot (royalq app) can be unbound at any time. 

Many people misunderstood. We are not putting asset in royalq platform. We only transfer 120 USDT to royalq for activation purpose. Like others software you bought. You need to pay monthly/ yearly subscription in order to use their services. Same goes with Royalq, you need to activate the app in order to use the app and the fee only 100 usdt/ year.

How To make money with RoyalQ

You can make money by using this app. Seriously.

Once you activated the app, you can start trading immediately. But make sure you have USDT in your account asset in Huobi/ Binance and they are in SPOT account.

There are 3 ways in making money using this royalq app. Read the details below for more royal q review information:

Quantitative method

In RoyalQ app, you can choose quantitative method to start trading. There are many pairs that you can choose to start with. How ever, you need to set trade setting by your own. Trade setting may varied depends on your available USDT amount .

Trade setting including how much % profit you want to take, and the way you manipulate martingale strategies in configuration setting to maximize the profit. There is no exact settings, all depends on your strategies.

You can adjust martingale strategies to minimize the floating and to increase profit amount. Slight increase in price, would make big profit. You can watch video below for more explanation


Sync Strategies

in royalQ, you can choose these method to earn profit. In other term, we used to say this method as copy trade. You can join all group circle in royalQ , then decide by yourself which trader you want to follow. Each trader has his/her own setting and strategies to maximize the profit. Once you joined that circle, you can sync his/her strategies. But for each successful take profit, 1% goes to trader.

RoyalQ Referral Program

In this royal q review section also, there is another way to earn money. You can make money by promoting the app using your own referral code. For each successful activation from new user, you will earn 30 USDT. The value goes up once you have reached certain level. Your code or referral link should be (example)

Code: F2ZJ7

We do have many level here, v1, v2, v3, v4, v5 and v6. Those levels are VIP member and you will get privileges for each level. Explanation about ranking as below:


This is the lowest rank for VIP. Once you activated the app (pay for activation fee), you now become VIP member. You can start the trading immediately. For each successful referral, you will earn 30 USDT. To become V2, you need at least 3 V1 (direct push) and 20 team members.


This 2nd rank of VIP. In journey from V2 to V3, you need to directly push 5 users , at least 3 V2 and 100 team members.

For each successful robot activation, you’ll get 40 USDT and profit distribution team reward ratio 30%​


This 3rd Rank of VIP members. You need directly push 8 users , at least 3 V3, 300 team members to reach V4. In this level, you’ll get 50 USDT for each successful robot activation and 40% profit distribution team reward. In this level also yo will get 10% peer award.


4th rank VIP. In this level you urge to directly push 12 users, at least 3 V4, 800 team members in order to reach V5 rank. For each successful activation, you’ll get 60USDT and 50% profit distribution team reward ratio.


5th rank VIP. To continue your journey to V 6, you need to directly push 20 users , at least 3 v5, 1500 team members. For each successful robot activation direct push , you’ll get 65USDT and 55% profit distribution team reward​


The highest rank. For each successful robot activation direct push , you’ll get 75 USDT and 10% team reward. In this level as well you will get global 10% weighted dividend (need to deduct equal rewards within organization)


How to activate the Royal Q app

You need to activate the app if you want to start using the bot. The activation fee is 120USDT per annum, considered the cheapest bot in industries. Robot will trade for you for one year day and night.

Follow the step below on how to activate the Royalq app.

For more understanding, you can watch the video below how to activate the app and also how to bind the bot with Binance/ Huobi.

Step 1:

Deposit your USDT in Royal Q app. Go to Royal Q, and navigate to ‘mine’ on the right bottom. See the picture attached