Royal q Quantification Introduction

What is Quantification Trading in Royal Q?

It refers to the way in which investors use computer technology, financial engineering modeling and other means to define and describe their financial operation mode in a very clear way to assist investors to make investment decisions, and strictly follow the set rules to carry out trading strategies (buy and sell). According to the idea of mathematical model and the way to use computer technology. Quantification trading methods can be further subdivided into automatic trading and algorithmic trading, digital quantitative investment, program Trading and algorithmic trading, and high frequency trading. The basic idea of quatification trading is to buy low and sell high

Spot Quantification: The Essence of Trading profit is to buy low and sell high. Through big data analysis, we can buy low and sell high to earn the difference price.

Advantages and disadvantages of spot quantitative transaction, spot quantitative transaction is stable and safe, there is no risk of clearing out the warehouse, and the principal is more secure. The disadvantages is that, itis more difficult to make profits in the sideways or down market. The Royalq (Royal Quantification Robot) perfectly solves the problem, allowing you to sit and enjoy the rising dividend, and can enjoy the sideways or diwn earnings!

Where do the quantitative benefits of digital currency come from?

Games between capitals

Traditional capital institutions such as Grayscale Funds will continue to join the ranks of digital currency value investment in 2020. The mutual game of capital has made the popularity of digital currency soar, attracting more capital institutions to participate and the digital currency trading market will also follow the participations of funds. Increase liquidity and trend gradually appear. Our Royal q quantitative robot can continue to buy low and sell high to arbitrage capital gains and earn trend money under the premise of determining the trend.

Inter- Institutional game

Traditional exchanges, project parties, market makers,  small investment institutions and other small and medium-sized institutions have games with capital and between themselves, causing digital currency prices to fluctuate along the value line, and many institutions participate in the game. It also increases the liquidity of digital currency transactions, which is more suitable for the game of large capital in and out.

Royal q quantitative robots use independent research and development strategies to buy low and sell high through robots between institutional games to obtain fluctuating interest rates.